Landscape to Tablescape: Five Fall Items to Bring to the Table

Are your fall senses tingling? The seasonal changes are hard to ignore whether you are pushing a cart through the grocery store or taking a walk in the park. Pumpkin spice labels begin to dance in your eyes, while the subtle shift in temperature brings a chill to your skin (in certain geographical areas that is). Fall offers a rich, warm palette we love to decorate with! So we created an easy, autumn inspired tablescape for everyday use or special occasions. Would you like to create this ambiance in your home? It’s easy to bring natural elements to your table. We took a stroll outside to soak in the season, and here is what served as our inspirations:


1. Wood

A good rule of thumb is to begin in the middle of the table and work your way out while creating your design. The unique lines and rough texture of trees inspired the base of our runner. Rather than using a soft fabric, we chose round wooden trays placed in a zig zag pattern down the table. Nothing is ever perfect in nature, and it’s fun to work with organic lines. Gathering a bunch of long sticks to place in a vase made an easy addition to the project.

2. Sweater Weather

Many scents swirl through the air, and there is practically a candle for every aroma. Candles are a great way to decorate, so pick up your favorite scented candle and use those throughout your tablescape. They smell nice and cast a soft glow across the table, reminiscent of a campfire.


Our scented candles were not on par with the color palette, so we were inspired by these Candle Sleeves to help hide the unwanted color. Plus, there is the added bonus of how cute and cozy the sleeves are! While we differed a little in our approach, we took two pairs of knit socks to get the desired effect. We kept the edges raw like a good ol’ comfy sweater and simply cut the desired amount off the sock. The sock fit snug over the vase and voila! We placed our candles throughout the entire length of the table to have an all around glow.


3. Autumn Foliage

The outside of Jensen’s is limited on plant life, but luckily we came across a type of prairie grass already turned gold. Using what is in your yard is cost-effective, convenient, and beautiful. Mother Nature is the best artist, and her work is at our fingertips. We used the seedy ends of the prairie grass and placed them in a pattern under our plates—this acted as our charger and added a nice natural element to the table design. You can do something similar with other types of foliage to add more color.


4. Pumpkins & Gourds

Whether it’s home grown or from your local farmers market, pumpkins and gourds are in abundance this time of year. We have easy access to these natural accessories and might as well take advantage! A variety of colors, sizes, shapes and textures are available—the choice is yours. We liked the soft green hue of our large pumpkin, aka Jolly (like Jolly Green Giant). He served as our contrast against the rich colors of our candle sleeves. Our small assortment of pumpkins and gourds make up the ends of our arrangement, adding a nice splash of autumn color.


5. Pinecones

Many of our elements consist of rounded, soft edges. The overall shape of a pinecone is oval, but the scales and rough texture add variation to the design. We kept our pinecones their natural color and placed them in a simple halo shape around our candles. An easy design for a simple and inexpensive accessory you can find right in your yard.

Comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your inspirations and ideas!

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