7 Furniture Trends at the 2018 Fall High Point Market

October is an exciting month in the furniture world! This month brings the fall furniture market in High Point, North Carolina. What is market you ask? Only one of the best events ever! (trying not to fan girl here.) High Point Market is where retailers go to see the newest introductions and upcoming trends within the furniture industry. We get a glimpse into new fabric selections, styles, innovative products, and design tips from companies we carry. Market is a great time to learn what direction the industry is headed.

The fall furniture market is a fun affair, but painstaking preparation is taken to outline our days at market. It’s important to optimize our time and work efficiently to see as many of our suppliers as possible. Jensen’s works the market for three days. Three days of waking up at the crack of dawn and not stopping for ten hours. Three days of realizing your most comfortable shoes may not be as comfortable as you thought. Three days of hard work driven by excitement! We love seeing the new product lines and choosing what items will best speak to our specific audience. We saw so much while attending market, but it’s easy to identify the leading trends. Read about the following trends we saw at market and see if they inspire you!

1. It’s the Small Things: Embellishments

We certainly enjoyed the little things this year at market. No matter how small they may be, details make all the difference! Stay on the lookout for fringe, pom poms, tassels, and feathers. You’ll start seeing more of these elements incorporated on smaller pieces. We love these tactile details that help add texture and dimension. It’s such a fun and easy way to add color. We saw feathers adorning wall art and light fixtures. Pillows, throws, and rugs were trimmed in fringe or adorned with pom poms and tassels. While the fringe reflects a more traditional feel, the poms poms and tassels demonstrate more of a Bohemian vibe. An eclectic style is very much in these days, so…everything goes! Would you add these details in your home? Be sure to let us know and comment below!




2. A Colorful Life: Popular Color Tones

Blush pink had a strong presence in upholstery this market. Blush is the pop of color. This updated version of mauve is a good example of how everything comes full circle. Mauve was popular back in the 90’s, and we are loving this softer hue. Blush was shown on everything from upholstered beds to sofas to accent pieces, making it easy to bring this pretty shade into any room.


Black and gold were the dynamic duo at market. This color combination created lots of drama in showroom spaces. It’s an easy color combo to incorporate in any room of the house. These colors were being used on walls, accessories and main furniture pieces. This color duo knows no bounds!


Gray and blue tones continue to be the strongest neutrals at market. These cool tones were often shown on the main body covers of upholstery and leather. The darker blues were more popular on accent pieces. 


3. If Walls Could Talk: Wallpaper and Textured Walls

The revitalization of wallpaper was a huge movement throughout the fall market. Say goodbye to bland designs, and say hello to brightly colored, printed wallpaper! Walls continued to transform as textured materials were also applied—wood, paneling, wainscoting, and even stone. Do you prefer the pop of color, or a more natural approach to you wall? Check out our fun images below and see whats your favorite.


4. Keep it Natural: Wood Elements

Natural, wooden elements are still trending within the industry. Rustic, distressed finishes were shown throughout market on dining groups, occasional tables, and bedroom sets. The wood finishes come in a variety of colors. More and more grey washed finishes emerged, reinforcing the popularity of grey as a neutral. Metal was also a popular pairing with the rustic wood finish.

10745662512_IMG_0137 2IMG_1831IMG_1832IMG_1848

5. Ready, Set, Blast-Off: Reclining Furniture Technology

Reclining furniture is at the forefront of technology in the furniture industry. It began by manually pulling a handle to recline. Over time, the power of electricity was incorporated and everything changed–with the push of a button you could easily put your feet up.

Recently, more custom comfort features have been added. Reclining furniture now offers power adjustable headrests and power lumbar support. Even a home button is featured on reclining furniture to remember your optimal position while sitting in your chair! To top it off, this market featured a new mobile app that can control your chairs positioning. Why reach over to fumble with buttons when you can control it with your phone right from your seat? Hmm..the only downfall with this piece of technology is if it got in the wrong hands. You may be in for a wild ride if someone else takes control!


6. Take a Load off Your Feet: Ottomans

We saw more and more ottomans this market in many shapes and sizes. Using an ottoman is an easy way to make a statement, create extra seating, or help take a load off your feet. The overly large ottomans were often used in place of cocktail tables, and some offered a bottom shelf for added storage. If it’s extra seating you want, we saw them placed side by side in a living room setting, or even pushed under a console table.

7. Piece it Together: Bunching Tables

Small bunching tables were everywhere! Each small table is an individual piece. This allows you to move them around for more versatility. You can place them together and create one large cocktail or use them individually as small accent tables. They come in a variety of shapes and create a very cool, unique look.


Did any of these upcoming trends stand out to you? You may have already incorporated some of these looks in your home. LIKE our blog and COMMENT below to tell us about your favorite trends in the furniture industry!

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