The Fabric rEvolution: 5 Reasons Not to Fear Fabric Furniture


ATTENTION ALL FURNITURE SHOPPERS! This is a special announcement for those who truly use—no LIVE in their furniture everyday. Do you eat on the sofa, entertain regularly, or have children in the household? The thought of stains most likely pushes to the forefront of your mind while shopping. Leather is a great option, but we want to let you know that fabric, in even a light color, should not be a feared possibility!

Fabric technology has come a long way. The majority of furniture companies have high performance fabric selections. While each company has a trademarked name for their version of performance fabrics, these textiles may feature one or more of the following beneficial properties:

***We took a few of our own performance fabrics at the store and stained them with a few different items. Keep reading to find out if these fabrics live up to their reputation!

#1: Stain Resistant

Performance fabrics are developed with inherent characteristics made to resist stains and spills. Accidents happen whether you tip your glass here or drop a bite there. Spills on a performance fabric are taken care of by immediately blotting the problem area with a clean damp cloth. That should remove all, or a good portion of the stain.

Each fabric has it’s own cleaning code. It’s important to check the manufacturers label and instructions on what to do. If some of the stain still remains after blotting, then follow the instructions according to your fabric. Here’s a short breakdown of the cleaning codes:


Code “S”:  use a dry solvent.

Code “W”:  use water

Code “WS”: use a combination of water based cleaner and dry cleaning solvents 

Code “X”: clean only by vacuuming or light brushing

We chose this (yikes!) white performance fabric to check and see if it lives up to its expectations regarding stain-ability…..



It performed beautifully! The blue crayon stain is certainly noticeable, but it came out like a champ. We blotted several times with a damp cloth, then followed the “S” cleaning code on our label.

#2: Durable Construction

While keeping everyday life and accidents in mind, industry leaders knew performance fabrics needed to be durable. Performance fabrics are created to surpass industry standards for durability. High wearability standards are met with a combination of heavy-duty fibers and hefty construction. Not only does this help with the actual use of the furniture, but it helps fabric keep it’s appearance after cleaning.



A ketchup packet happened to spontaneously combust on this sample (shown above). We followed the cleaning instructions and were curious to see if the blotting altered the appearance in any way. Once the stain was removed and the fabric dried, it looked as good as new!

#3: Liquid Repellent

Some performance fabrics offer additional features like liquid repellency. These fabrics are designed to repel moisture so it beads and puddles on the surface. This makes it easier to hand blot with a clean cloth. We experimented and spilled soda on a blue velvet performance fabric (pictured below). We had a good time playing with this fabric! This specific fabric let the moisture roll every which way. We tilted it and the soda rolled off onto the table—it looked like magic!


#4: Odor Resistance

An additional feature some performance fabrics include is odor resistance. These fabrics are created with a technology that resists microbial development, and in turn fights against odor causing bacteria. When returning from a sweaty workout and immediately sitting on the sofa, it’s nice to know that the sofa will fight against absorbing that potent scent.


#5: UV & Fade Resistance

UV & Fade resistance is another aspect of some high performance fabrics. Have you heard of Sunbrella fabrics? That is a popular brand of fade resistant fabrics. These fabrics are constructed with highly UV stable pigments providing maximum protection toward the harsh effects of sunlight. If you have a sunroom, or lots of natural light in your living space this is a nice characteristic to have since sunlight can be quite damaging overtime to upholstery.

Performance fabrics have truly transformed the furniture shopping experience. These tough fabrics helps customers from sacrificing what they really want due to sticky fingers, a spilled soda, or crayons. You don’t have to fear using fabrics or lighter colors anymore! Please LIKE and FOLLOW our blog for more furniture and home related posts!




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