12 Holiday Fireplace Mantels Sure to Inspire


Saying goodbye to fall is a bittersweet affair. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and our minds turn from pumpkin spice lattes to peppermint hot chocolate. Even though we are packing away the fall warmth, it is exciting to exchange it for some holiday cheer. We say Bring. It. On. Bring on the garland, the ornaments, the trees, and the cozy fires!

Fireplace mantels are a fun feature to decorate during the holidays, especially as a room’s main focal point. We wanted to see how all of YOU decorate YOURS so we asked our followers to send us pictures. We had twelve mantel submissions and boy did they turn out great! Each mantel has its own style and gives some great ideas on what you can do with your decorating.

**Side Note: We understand not everyone has a fireplace mantel in their home, but you can still get those creative juices flowing. Use the following decorating ideas by creating a faux fireplace. For example, spruce up your tv stand, then play a fake “fire” on your screen to create some visual warmth. It can be fun to think outside the box and work with what you’ve got!


…and now, for the moment you have all been waiting for—sit back, relax, and be inspired! Check out the following pictures then get to work on your holiday decor!


Submitted by Rindy Kress





Submitted by Rindy Kress





Submitted by Gretchen Berge



Submitted by Jennifer Schaefer



Submitted by Katie Jacobs



Submitted by Patrice Jensen




Submitted by Erin Hannant





Submitted by Taylor Stratton



Submitted by Amanda Pickett



Submitted by Melissa Engeling



Submitted by Melissa Engeling



Do you have a favorite mantel featured here? COMMENT BELOW and tell us your favorite! Don’t forget to FOLLOW our blog to see what we’ll post next!

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