Jumping Into Spring: A Winter Wreath Transformation



The grass is turning green and little buds are popping up. Spring is upon us and we took that as our cue to create a fresh front display!


We try to keep cost as low as possible while creating displays. Plenty of random materials have stock piled over the years, so it’s simply a matter of putting our creativity to the test. While assessing our design, we noticed it needed a pop of color. Rummaging through the back, we found an old Christmas wreath ready to be recycled into a vibrant, spring wreath!  

Not everyone has old wreaths or faux florals lying around the house. Visiting second hand stores is a great way to find useful decor items! The market for sustainable goods is growing by the day, and repurposing old items is one way to help reduce the amount of waste. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure! It can be a fun experience scoping out different second hand stores, and may spark some new ideas. Continue reading to see our wreath’s spring makeover!


First, we started with this large Christmas wreath (pictured above) that hung in our storage closet for years. The pinecones and berries easily popped off creating a clean slate for decorating.


We scavenged around and found some old florals, along with a few springy garlands used in a previous display. The evergreen on the wreath is very wintry, and we wanted to cover that up as much as possible. The garland was a much lighter hue and helped cover the dark green.


We wove garland strands throughout the entire wreath, wrapping it around the evergreen so it would stay in place. We tried our best to push the new decor in the wreath, rather than using an adhesive. This will make it easier to remove when we decide to change the design for another season. **If needed you may hot glue items onto the wreath. The hot glue won’t make it impossible to pull off items if you want to give it a new look.


Next, we stuck our flowers throughout the wreath. Lastly, we placed three eggs inside to top it off for Easter. The eggs balance nicely inside the wreath and against the wall. That makes it easier to remove the eggs once Easter has passed!


Have you dug around your house to see what treasures you can find? Share any creations you’ve come up with using old holiday decor—we’d love to see what you’ve done!

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